Issues Measurement + Insights

Whether at the local, state, national or multinational level, we identify the issues and scenarios that are most relevant to business stakeholders, as well as the current political, policy and public opinion trends that could shape your business’ future.

We conduct benchmark polling at the outset of any communications campaign; doing so assists businesses in developing sound strategy and tactics by providing the information necessary to anticipate, prepare and respond to developing issues.

Only when you know the reasons why your target audience is supporting or opposing your cause can you begin to address their concerns and change their attitudes and behaviors. Our campaign-style research provides our clients with a strategic map for connecting with stakeholders over the course of a communications campaign. The approach replicates the public learning process that takes place over time. Through statistical analysis we provide the information you need to develop a long-term strategy that maximizes opportunities, mitigates potential challenges and allows you to invest your time and money in the areas that promise the greatest return.