Data Measurement + Insights

Currently, organizations are generating and receiving an ever-increasing volume, velocity and variety of raw data. Extracting critical insights and real value from this multiplication of data has become a critical challenge for many companies. Research+Data Insights has tools that can embed high-end data analytic capabilities into communications business operations for timely decision-making.

Using advances in analytics, we leverage “big data” to help improve decision- making, fuel strategy, mitigate risks and streamline communications business operations. We empower clients to optimize their data streams and connect those streams with information on how stakeholders engage with the brand and its products. Data flows are synthesized and presented in easy to consume formats so that internal communications teams can make informed, data-driven decisions. Return on investment becomes a question of what savings can be realized through optimizing the communications program.

One Source Digital Dashboard

The One Source Digital Dashboard provides a platform for the aggregation and analysis of all available reputation-related data streams, including the 360˚ Reputation Monitor and digital monitoring of earned media, social media and owned media, such as website activity and paid media consumption. The Digital Dashboard has the power to link data streams to measure progress and outcomes toward optimizing communications resources and making reputation management more efficient.

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